Local Host

Professor Sangho KIM
College of International Management
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

I am a full professor at College of International Management in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. I have received my Ph. D. degree in economics at Michigan State University in 1990. My main research interest are economic development, international trade and productivity. My recent publications include Contemporary Economic Policy (2016, 2014), Review of Development Economics (2012), Asian Economic Journal (2012), World Development (2010) and Applied Economics (2018, 2013, 2009). Some of my research projects were conducted with international organizations including ADB (2009, 2008), APEC (2014, 2008) and MPC (2014, 2007). I am currently on editorial board for several academic journals in Korea including International Economics Studies and Journal of Market Economy.

Welcome Message

Welcome to the International Conference on Business, Education and Social Sciences (ICCBES)
This conference will offer a valuable opportunity for us to disseminate our researches and connect with others. I wish to thank all the participants and conference staff for making this conference insightful, memorable and enjoyable. Fukuoka is a beautiful city, boasting traditional temples and shrines, shopping arcade and delicate cuisines. Walk around the city and enjoy pleasant weather in May.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Fukuoka!
Sangho Kim
Professor, College of International Management
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University