Keynote Address

Donald Louis Amoroso

Lowder-Weil Endowed Chair of Innovation and Strategy

Professor, Information Systems

Auburn University Montgomery

College of Business

Dr. Donald is one of Lowder-Weil Endowed Chair of Innovation and Strategy and Professor of Information Systems at College of Business, Auburn University Montgomery. Main areas of research include innovation, strategy, culture, and leadership in technology. Working interdisciplinary academic fields and cross-culturally with faculty to integrate areas to understand and change corporate and consumer innovation adoption.

Finished five-year research project in Japan analyzing the mobile strategy ecosystem; working with colleagues at 12 Japanese universities to develop research on each of the components of the mobile ecosystem. Research includes the strategy of mobile application development, food tracking and information, aging population, and consumer behavior culture. Interviews with key carrier executives include NTT DoCoMo, Softbank, and AU KDDI. Currently conducting innovation research in the Philippines as Visiting/Research Fellow Faculty member of Asian Institute of Technology with executives at Globe and Smart telecommunications companies. New research project with Chinese consumers; working with faculty in China at ten universities.

Topic: Sustainability Begins with Shared Value

Sustainability is a dynamic equilibrium in the process of interaction between a population and the carrying capacity of its environment so that the population develops to express its full potential without producing irreversible, adverse effects on the carrying capacity of the environment upon which it depends. Sustainability is a holistic approach that considers ecological, social and economic dimensions, recognizing that all must be considered together to find lasting prosperity. Shared value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social programs. While corporate social responsibility efforts focus on giving back to society, shared value focuses company leaders on maximizing the competitive value of solving social problems in new customers, markets, cost savings, talent retention, and providing a sustainability to the environment. We will discuss the approaches for corporate social responsibility and sustainability planning with a focus on shared value.